Experience a mysterious blindfolded erotic relaxation fantasy. This service is intended to be a pleasure to the senses. Lie down and be pampered from head to toe while being aroused and teased until you reach an orgasmic climax of the senses. Perhaps be tickled with feathers or role play for fun… with your secret liaison. Bodyline is pleased to please.

Just Lay Back and Enjoy the Ride

The most exciting thing to expect when you put on the blindfold is, in fact, the unexpected. The Mysterious Experience is exactly that. By giving up the sense of sight, you engage the other senses to their full potential – meaning you enjoy a more heightened, thrilling experience. You’ve handed control to one of our lovely ladies who will take the reins; simply submit to the pleasures of the unknown and enjoy the mystery that lies ahead. It might just be the most sensual experience you’ll ever have!

No appointment is necessary to enjoy the Mysterious Experience. Simply give Bodyline a call today on 9314 6551.; we look forward to seeing you!