Nuru Massage In Melbourne

Getting a little bored with receiving the same old massage techniques? Looking to take your massage experience to the next level? Bodyline provides traditional Japanese nuru massage to give you the relaxation and pleasure that you crave. Bringing physical intimacy to new heights of pleasure, you’ll have never experienced seductive satisfaction quite like it. The nuru massage experience involves one of our lusty ladies coating herself in warm, sticky, slippery oil, made from nori seaweed. She then rubs her smooth, oil coated body on top of yours, providing you with a blissful body to body massage like no other.

Discover Our Hot Nuru Massage for Yourself

Whether you’re experiencing tension in your body or simply want to relax after work, Bodyline is the best destination for sensual nuru massage in Melbourne. We offer men and women nuru massage as well as nuru couples massage, ensuring everyone can feel the relaxing benefits.

If you’re looking to de-stress, open your energy centre and discover pure pleasure, call our nuru massage spa today on (03) 9314 6551 to learn more. No appointment is necessary – come in today and see one of our fine ladies today for a hot nuru massage!