Stress affects most of us at some point in our lives, causing anxiety and making us feel uptight. It can bring on physical conditions and affect psychological wellbeing, as well as increase the chances of heart disease and cancer. Many people complaining of stress also suffer from frequent high blood pressure, headaches, and back and neck pain, making it a truly unpleasant experience.
We take a look at three major life stressors and provide a fantastic solution to reduce the stress caused by all three.


Whether your boss has asked you to work late every day this week, or you just can’t put that looming deadline out of your mind, it’s easy for work stress to bleed into your time at home, impacting on the enjoyment of your leisure time and often affecting the quality of your sleep. This leads to a breakdown of a healthy work-life balance, which can also have consequences for personal relationships.

The Future

If you’re stressing about what the future will bring, whether you’re worried about family matters or your financial security, you’re certainly not alone. In today’s fast-paced society, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live in the here and now, putting all stress out of your mind to enjoy the present.

Relationship Breakups

It’s always difficult to say goodbye when a relationship comes to an end, regardless of whether you’re at the instigating or receiving end of the break up. Often, the experience is stressful for both parties, leaving them feeling sad, frustrated and missing a physical connection.

Banish Your Stress with a Sensual Massage

Sensual massage provides an effective means of reducing stress levels for all three of the above stressors. A relaxing experience that also boasts a range of physical and psychological health benefits, there are many types of sensual massage available, including rub and tug massages, Lomi Lomi massages, and happy ending massages, as well as many others that are designed to completely relax both the mind and body.

Best way to relieve stress

Sensual massage is the best way to relieve stress. In addition to treating the physical symptoms of stress such as muscle tightness, back pain and neck pain, a sensual erotic massage will allow you to forget negative thoughts and feelings so you can let go, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and free of stress at the end of your session. It can also stop a build up of stress from accumulating and leading to serious health conditions.

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