She rubs her body over yours, warm oil lubricating the motion between you, and your worries vanish into thin air. The bodyslide is one of the most fun, intimate and sensual services Bodyline Yarraville and its beautiful ladies are proud to offer. But what does it involve, and where did it come from? Read on to discover more about this wet and slippery treat.


Bodyslides originate from the Japanese Nuru massage – Nuru meaning ‘slippery’ in Japanese. And with the liberal amount of warm and soothing oil we’ll pour over your body, you can be sure you’ll experience a fun and slippery time with our gorgeous masseuse. At Bodyline Yarraville, we’ve taken this adult sexual relaxation to a whole new level of luxury.


Completely nude, both you and your masseuse will first shower together to get nice and wet. Next, she will start to rub and massage the oil over your body by straddling and sliding herself all over you; her breasts, stomach, hands, legs – everything. The warm oil, combined with sexually stimulating positions, will have your body tingling with pleasure. Everything gets fun and slippery with this massage.

With the beautiful bodies of our Bodyline Yarraville ladies and their training to please all your erotic and sensual desires, this massage will quickly excite and stimulate your nerves on the surface of your body. Skin and muscles alike will be soothed by the sensual pleasure, and your mind will calm as both you and your lady enjoy the fun together in this warm and comfortable environment. Climaxing in pleasurable relief, you’ll then shower again to remove the oil before leaving feeling completely relieved and refreshed.

Relief is Only a Phone Call Away

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