Imagine this… after a long and stressful day at work, you’re feeling tense and needing a relaxing massage. You lie face down on the massage table after having stripped down to your underwear and begin to relax as you feel a pair of hands gently massage your calves. You begin to loosen up a bit and get into the experience when suddenly a second pair of hands begins kneading just below your shoulder blades. Double the pleasure… does that not sound divinely decadent? You can experience all this and more when you enjoy a luxurious 4 hand massage with the gorgeous women from Bodyline Adult Relaxation Spa in Yarraville.

Give Yourself a Hand… Or Four!

If you’ve never experienced the sensual pleasures of a titillating 4 hand massage with Bodyline Yarraville, there’s no better time than now to give it a try! Expect a few things along the way though, such as anticipating the most relaxing experience of all – with four hands caressing every square inch of your body, your limits of pleasure are sure to be put to the test.

Our gorgeous ladies are here to stimulate every part of your body as you experience double the pleasure and double the fun! Simply give in to the experience and you’ll discover new ways to relax and unwind that you’d never dreamed of.

Experience Total Relaxation at Bodyline Yarraville

The lovely ladies at Bodyline Yarraville, Melbourne’s Finest Erotic Massage Parlour, take pride in making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable the moment you walk through our doors. The 4 hand massage is just one of the many sensual ways that we can make you experience pure bliss. For those looking for non-sexual massage, we are equally happy to accommodate your needs too. No appointment is necessary – drop in to visit us 7 days a week!