There are many different types of body massage available, including gentle massage, erotic massage and deep tissue massage, among others. But no matter which type of massage you choose, there are plenty of physical and emotional benefits you can enjoy. In addition to bringing about complete relaxation, body massage can also reduce pain levels, manage stress and improve the immune system. Read on to discover the advantages of getting a regular body massage.

Reduction in Pain

Regular body massage is good for reducing pain. Massage works to ease muscle pain by focusing on any areas with stiff muscles in order to loosen them and boost circulation of the blood. As well as reducing muscle pain, massage can also assist with any chronic pain you may be experiencing by boosting serotonin levels to naturally relieve pain.

Increased Relaxation

Perhaps the biggest reason to get a massage is for the increased sense of relaxation it provides. Body massage is ideal for relaxing tense muscles and increasing the flexibility of the body. Muscles are provided with increased supply of oxygen and nutrients as a result, which benefits both the body and the mind.

Stress Management

A good massage is an excellent way of alleviating stress. If you have a stressful routine at work or home, a regular massage can give you time to relax and reduce stress levels. It can also have the following benefits on mental health:

  • Improvement of sleeping patterns
  • Increased feelings of wellbeing
  • Reduction in anxiety

Boosted Immune System

Regular body massage has the power to boost the immune system by lowering stress hormones that can have an impact on immunity. Massage can also improve the immune system by increasing the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, which enhances the body’s ability to provide nourishment.

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