If you suffer from stiff joints and painful muscles, or if you just want an alternative to a standard massage, Thai massage is an ideal choice. While many other types of massage require you to be undressed, Thai massage can be performed while you’re fully dressed. With a Thai massage, your muscles will be pulled and stretched in order to reduce tension and improve movement and flexibility. The hands, feet, legs and knees of the masseuse may be used during the massage, and other techniques such as deep muscle contraction, acupressure and joint mobilisation can also be involved.

What You Need to Know Before a Thai Massage

Right before attending for a Thai massage, it’s recommended that you don’t eat a heavy meal. You’re welcome to speak to your masseuse and tell them exactly what you’d like, enabling them to change the level of pressure they apply during your massage. This ensures you won’t feel any pain or discomfort so you can feel completely relaxed and at ease.

The Advantage of Getting a Thai Massage

Thai massage offers many advantages, helping to minimise the risk of stress-related health issues by lowering stress levels and providing relief from tension. It’s also useful for increasing energy and improving mobility, as well as:

  • Alleviating tension headaches
  • Assisting with back pain
  • Soothing muscle and joint pain
  • Boosting blood flow

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