Nuru massage is a type of massage that involves lubricating the body with Nuru gel. This clear, odourless gel substance consists of grape seed extract and Nori seaweed, giving it a smooth, slippery quality. If you’re considering getting a Nuru massage in Melbourne, this blog post from Bodyline Yarraville provides some more details.

Where Did Nuru Massage Originate?

The origins of Nuru massage are in Japan, where it’s been practiced for centuries for intense relaxation and pleasure. ‘Nuru’ is Japanese for ‘slippery’, and the gel used has been a key component of Japanese erotic rituals for many years.

What Does a Nuru Massage Involve?

Nuru massage is often performed on a mattress covered with a rubber or latex sheet. This sheet stops the mattress from soaking up the gel and also creates a slippery surface for the massage. Some massage parlours will light scented candles to help clients relax and set an erotic mood.

How Do You Prepare for a Nuru Massage?

  • Source a bottle of Nuru gel
  • Pour the gel into a bowl and mix with warm water until it reaches the right consistency
  • Have a warm shower or bath, as the gel works best when massaged onto warm skin
  • Lie on the massage table and have the masseuse pour on the warmed gel. They’ll then make deep stroking motions to help relax the skin and muscles
  • Once coated in gel and slippery, swap positions until both participants are covered in gel. Slippery fun can then be had!

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