There are different types of massages available for everyone – Thai massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, Javanese massage, Tui Na massage, Tantric massage, and a lot more. Each type of massage has its own set of techniques and benefits. Most spas and massage parlours will allow you to choose the type of massage that you like done on you especially if you get a session that is at least one hour or more. Lately, not only for men, the oil body slide has become very popular.

It is a type of erotic massage technique where both participants are supposed to be naked. It is a type of sensual massage where the therapist slides her entire body all over the participant. With oil body slide, the therapist makes use of her breasts to massage your entire body, back and front. Those who have experienced this type of massage claim that it is extremely stimulating and addictive.

The oil body slide massage is a totally exciting and extremely erotic sensual encounter. Special oils are poured the bodies of both the therapist and the participant. Afterwards, the therapist allows her body to glide over the body of the participant and because of the oil. With oil on both bodies, the therapist can glide and perform body massage with ease and almost in complete weightlessness and this creates a mind-altering and aphrodisiac effect.

According to professional sex therapists, the oil body slide massage can improve the intimacy between partners, boost sexual desire, get rid of negative thoughts, and develop love and trust among partners.

The oil body slide massage was made popular initially in Asian countries, particularly in Japan. Japanese massage parlours are very popular for their various body slide massage methods. This body-on-body massage has therapeutic benefits to the body. It can relieve you of the aches and pains that you feel in your muscles and it can also sooth the emotions. A participant is lathered with luxurious and exceptionally slippery oils which allows easy sliding back and forward on the back and front, upper and lower torso. This amazing body massage releases the tension and creates therapeutic warmth that stays long even when the massage is already completed. Some oils that are used in this type of massage have sensual scents while others are totally odourless. With great body massage, the participant may even ask for more. Those who have experienced this type of massage are now looking forward to their next oil body slide massage sessions.