So you’ve booked yourself in for a happy ending massage to relieve yourself of all tension. But there’s one major point of concern that might be worrying you. Just as you don’t go out for an expensive three course dinner and go straight for the dessert, you don’t want to encounter the possibility of ‘finishing’ before the massage does. If you’re prone to coming to the end prematurely, here are some helpful tips to make your happy ending massage in Melbourne memorable for all the right reasons.

The Stop-Start Technique

Hopefully the massage that precedes the happy ending doesn’t set you off too soon, but one way to prolong the experience is to apply a behavioural technique known as the ‘stop-start technique’. Your gorgeous masseuse will be rubbing her hands over every square inch of your body, with some areas likely to take you to the brink quicker more than others. Simply let our gorgeous girls know if you’re getting close too soon so they can focus their touch on other less sensitive areas of your body before returning to the job at hand. You may want to arrange a signal beforehand to avoid any confusion.

Use Creams to Delay Premature Ejaculation

If you’re particularly sensitive downstairs to the point where even the slightest touch might bring the happy ending massage to its conclusion sooner than you’d like, then it might be worth looking into certain creams or sprays that include a numbing agent to delay orgasm. Speak to your medical professional first to determine which option might best suit you.

Give Yourself a Rehearsal Two Hours Before

Remember the scene in There’s Something About Mary where Ben Stiller’s character ‘cleans the pipes’ before his big date with Mary? The idea behind that was to enter into the experience relaxed and with a clear head. Though that scene was played for laughs, you might actually want to consider a similar approach. Masturbating two hours before your happy ending massage may help to delay finishing earlier than anticipated, allowing you to enjoy the experience all the more.

There’s no better time like the present to come on down to Bodyline Yarraville for the best happy ending massage in Melbourne. No booking required; we look forward to seeing you!