Professional sensual massages come a long way as they have been performed since the late 1900’s. Prior to this most cases of sensual massages were performed by doctors as a cure for ‘hysteria’ in women. It has since then become more common for men to go for these treatments, to cope with stress, anxiety as well as aiding in the healing process of injuries or illnesses. There are however still sensual massages available for woman as well.

Rub and tug massages can offer stimulation of the entire body!

Touch has been proven to ease pain in addition to having specific healing powers. As technological advancements came to light, many of these methods took a step back. However with people becoming more and more health conscience, they are coming back to life. So if you are a sufferer of any kind of pain, whether it may be brief or persisting, why not try a massage.

Try a rug and tug massage to relieve your body aches!

Stress is also a cause of concern for our health, massage has been known to relieve not only the surface effects of stress, but can take away all our build up tension as well. Stress is also known to play a big factor in heart disease as well as cancer. It can bring on physical condition and even lead to a mental melt down. Stress can cause high blood pressure, headaches, back pain, chronic fatigue and even a stroke.

Rub and tug massages can help you to prevent some dangerous diseases!

Massages can not only relieve pain but also ease any and all stress from the muscles, providing you with a healthy refreshed body and outlook on life. Massages help the body in many ways, such as increasing blood flow which can warm and ease the muscles plus the joins, thus removing stiffness and pain. It also aids the brain in releasing ‘opioids’ which is known to be the body’s natural pain medication.

Life a calm and happy life by having regular sensual massages!

A rub and tug massage will leave your muscles totally relaxed and rejuvenated. It provides a perfect combination of pain release and sensuality to stimulate all the required muscles and senses. Oils are used to reduce any friction on the body, with the perfect smooth touch, it can do wonders. If you have never tried these before it comes highly recommended.

Rub and tug can change your life!

You can help your body to perform at its peak all week or even all month and year long, by enjoying regular rub and tug massages. These massage parlours are professional, providing you with the required discretion and a world class service.

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