We all love massages, and for good reasons. It provides a lot of benefits the first of which is increasing circulation in the body, allowing therapeutic blood flow to happen. It has the capacity to relax stressed and injured muscles. It lessens cramping and spasms. Body joints become more pliable and the body’s range of motion is increased. As a final point, massage enables the body to produce and release endorphins. Endorphins are brain chemicals which act as the body’s innate painkillers.

Certain massage methods such as sensual massage has the capability to stimulate the tiny sensory nerves in the muscles. How massage does that is still a mystery to a lot of people, but the discipline behind it can also clarify how sensual massage stimulates the discharge of endorphins. Researches done in the United States showed that sensual massage can cause an increase in the level of endorphins within the spinal fluid. There are particular spots on our muscles and skin that when stimulated, can immediately informs the brain and the brain instantly releases chemicals called neurotransmitters that have the capacity to either alter the experience of pain or bring out other body chemicals that change the body’s mechanisms on the way it regulates some internal body functions.

There have been fresh studies which prove that endorphins can improve our immune system, get rid of pain, diminish stress, and impede the human aging process. Researchers have also have discovered that some endorphins can activate certain body cells that boost the immune system against illnesses and even eliminate cancer cells.

The studies that have been made on the positive effects of sensual massage is more than enough evidence of this procedure improves a person’s mental and physical well-being.

This is the reason why even medical professionals recommend getting regular massages as an alternative health therapy for individuals who are experiencing depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. Sensual massage can reduce toxin build-up or unblock the ones that you have.

Endorphins have also been discovered to decrease symptoms linked with eating disorders. These body chemicals have the capability to normalise the manufacture of sex hormones. When endorphin is released, the person experiences a feeling of deep relaxation, the breathing slows down, heart rate is reduced, and blood is shoved from the extremities into the body’s core. This process improves digestion.

One thing is certain about endorphins – they have the ability to make us feel very good. When the body is subjected to certain provocations such as sensual massage, sex, eating delicious food, the brain orders the release of endorphins, and the cells within the body that have endorphins immediately react. The endorphins then block the transmission of pain signals and instantly produce a euphoric feeling.

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