Make no bones about it; the main reason a guy will pay for a sensual massage in Melbourne is to blow and go. Sure, some might come for the opportunity to experience physical connection with a beautiful lady, but once the inevitable outcome has been reached, where to from there? Adding an extra element to the experience such as role play can make the sensual massage experience even more stimulating for everyone involved. Here are some role play suggestions to consider and try at Bodyline Yarraville with our gorgeous massage mistresses!

Naughty Nurse

An oldie but a goodie, the naughty nurse is ready and willing to relieve the tension from her patient’s body in any way and with whatever tools she has at hand. Naughty nurses boast a bedside manner than can be fun and flirty, but they’re always professional and get the job done − no matter what it might take.

Sexy Sports Trainer

It makes sense that you’d go and see a sports trainer for a sports massage to push through areas of muscular pain and speed up recovery time. She’ll have you strip down before you hop up onto the massage table and she begins to work her magic, rubbing oil deep into your body. But when that sports massage takes a surprise turn and becomes far more sensual in nature, that’s when things really begin to heat up!

Horny Housewife

You’ve come home from a long day at work; you’re tired, sore and a bit tense. What better way to unwind than to receive a steamy, sensual massage in Melbourne from your hot and horny wife? Though she’s an independent woman of the 21st century, she still loves to help her husband relax and unwind in any way she can.

Experience the Thrill of Role Play at Bodyline Yarraville

Why not come into Bodyline Yarraville for a sensual massage in Melbourne and take the experience to the next level with a little role play? Our gorgeous girls have a range of characters and costumes to make the experience truly unforgettable.