Most men are convinced that sex is the only way of gratifying their sexual impulses. There’s no honest argument against this belief, as the only way of gratifying truly anybody’s sexual impulse is by having an orgasm, which is achieved generally through sex. But it would be most beneficial for us to know that there are ways of stimulating our pleasure triggers that could relatively be more gratifying than sex. Having a sensual massage is one way of doing so.


For the guys who have no idea what they are, pleasure triggers are basically certain ‘spots’ or ‘areas’ of our bodies that can cause increased sexual gratification or in some cases orgasm when they are stimulated. Some of these spots or areas are more sensitive than the others, so an act as simple as a few finger strokes across an area could cause a person to climax.

A sensual massage itself is indeed gratifying sexually.

Relaxation is the main purpose of this treatment, so it could make for a better sexually gratifying experience if the pleasure triggers are stimulated. If you still aren’t convinced this is possible.

Here are some specific ways a sensual massage could stimulate a man’s pleasure triggers.

  1. Have the masseuse trace several circles upon both your palms. Many nerve endings are found underneath both your palms. Feelings of sexual pleasure are produced whenever nerve endings are stimulated in a sensual way.
  2. Have the masseuse stroke both your ears lightly. Like both your palms, many nerve endings are found within both your ears. This and their skin being thin make both your ears sensitive to touch, especially sensual touch.
  3. Have the masseuse apply some pressure upon the fingertip-sized depressions found halfway between your heels and ankle bones. This is going to be pleasurable sexually, because these pleasure triggers are connected directly to your sex organ.
  4. Have the masseuse apply some pressure upon your sacrum. The sacrum is basically the area of your body where your buttocks and spine meet. Beneath it are the vertebrae containing sacral nerves. These nerves are connected directly to your genitals.

Men have pleasure triggers located all over the body as you’ve learned. Touching and teasing these areas the right way during sensual massage can make for a great time. Escape from the stresses of your daily life and visit the professionals at Bodyline Yarraville, Melbourne’s Best, Leading Erotic Massage Parlour. For more information, please call Bodyline Yarraville on 0406 496 551 Enquiry only or 0420 462 922 Booking/Text only.