In many respects, routine and repetition can be quite beneficial when performing certain tasks. But when it comes to pleasures of the bedroom, repetition can get old very quickly. Finding new ways to keep things exciting between the sheets is always worthwhile, and one of the more exciting ways to try new things is to play with power roles. If you’re someone who likes to be in control in the bedroom, surrendering that control can be an exciting prospect to explore – and one of the most exciting ways to surrender that control is to try the Mysterious Experience at Bodyline Yarraville.

Expect the Unexpected

Take your shoes off, loosen your tie… oh, and place this silky blindfold over your eyes. Welcome to the Mysterious Experience, where you just lay back while we take control. The mystery of the experience is in the deprivation of your senses; the blindfold prevents you from seeing what’s going on but heightens your other senses for a more intense experience. Expect the unexpected with the Mysterious Experience, but always know that we’ll never go beyond your idea of “too far”.

When You Want to Step Back into More Comfortable Waters

Stepping outside the comfort zone isn’t always easy, but it is necessary in order to grow and experience new things. Still, it always feels good returning to familiar territories, and Bodyline Yarraville offers a wealth of massage and relaxation services that are sure to make you feel completely at home. No appointment required for our Mysterious Experience and other services – simply pop into our Yarraville premises during opening hours!