You may have heard the saying ‘the couple that plays together stays together’, with the idea being that sharing a common interest helps to strengthen your bond. Here at Bodyline Yarraville, Melbourne’s Best Erotic Massage Parlour, we see this all the time with the partners that come in for a couple’s massage. The shared experience between the two makes the moment all the more special for both people. Here are just a handful of benefits you can enjoy when you and your partner come in for a couple’s massage.

A Chance to Relax Together

We all lead such busy lives. Between work, family, friends, study and other obligations, we often forget to treat ourselves to a little downtime. And when our rare moments of relaxation don’t sync up with our partner’s, it can cause friction. A couple’s massage is a great way to take time out from the world, giving yourself and your partner a chance to not only relax and unwind, but relax and unwind together. Who knows, your relationship might be stronger for it too!

Physical Health Benefits

Naturally, there are also the many physical health and wellbeing benefits to be gained from massage. Such advantages include everything from lowering blood pressure to increasing blood circulation, reducing muscular tension, increasing lymphatic flow, and assisting in detoxing the body. Enjoying regular massage can also make you feel younger, more energised, and free of stress and tension. Isn’t that what we’d all love to feel?

Increased Feeling of Intimacy with Your Other Half

This goes back to the original point of building and strengthening a relationship through shared interests. Once you’ve enjoyed a couple’s massage at Bodyline Yarraville, you might be more inclined to explore each other’s bodies on a more intimate, sensual level when you’re at home. By offering each other massage at home, you’ll begin to understand what each person likes and dislikes, resulting in a more intimate, knowing relationship.

If you’ve never experienced an intimate couple’s massage before, there’s no better time than now. No appointment is necessary – give us a call on 0406 496 551 Enquiry only or 0420 462 922 Booking/Text only to learn more.