Date nights for couples usually consist of dinner and a movie, perhaps going to a special event, or just sending the kids out for night so you and your partner can Netflix and Chill in peace and quiet.  Whenever you can take time out of your busy life to acknowledge and celebrate the bond you have with your special someone, you should make the most of it. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something you never imagined possible with your other half, why not consider a couple’s massage at Bodyline Yarraville? After all, as they say, the couple that plays together stays together…

Don’t Let False Misconceptions Get in the Way

While an erotic massage parlour might be the last thing you think of when you picture couples activities, the fact is that couples from all walks of life walk through our doors, whether it’s to relax or to share a physical or emotional connection. Bodyline Yarraville is becoming increasingly popular with couples looking to relax and perhaps explore their sexual boundaries as a partnership. Why not drop in and see for yourself?

Try Out a Sensual Couples Massage Tonight

One relatively safe way to test the waters when it comes to bringing your partner along to Bodyline Yarraville is to organise a couples massage with a couple of our gorgeous masseuses. It’s an activity you can share with your partner, either in a sexual or non-sexual capacity. Let our lovely ladies lather you up in fragrant essential oils while they rub every square inch of your body with their soft and smooth hands. If you and your partner both like the couples massage, you might choose to take things further and explore your sexual boundaries.

No appointment is required to visit Bodyline in Yarraville. Drop by and say hi any night of the week. We hope to see you (and your partner) here soon!