People get massages for varying reasons. An athlete may opt for a deep tissue massage to reset the body and eliminate the lingering effect of intense training on muscles and joints. Someone leading a stressful life may choose a therapeutic massage to reduce the stress that can be so harmful to a person’s life. While these benefits exist to a lesser extent in a sensual massage, the people who opt to receive sensual massages do it for one primary reason – it feels great. The beauty of the sensual massage is that it can be a huge positive in the lives of virtually any adult.


This is what most people instantly think of when they hear the phrase “sensual massage”. Similar to tantric foreplay, the erotic massage between lovers is a way for them to connect on a deeper level and build excitement and anticipation for sex.


A few people might picture this type of massage when they hear the words “sensual massage”. For some potential lovers who are very attracted to one another, it is often difficult for them to bridge the gap between an appreciation for the person as an intellectual being and becoming a lover. The erotic massage serves this purpose beautifully as it allows people who are attracted to each other to experience pure physical pleasure with one another in a very casual and nonthreatening situation.


This is the most underrated form of sensual massage. Any nurse in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) can tell stories about babies that when left alone too long will go into physical distress, activating the various alarms connected to them. For these babies, simply stroking the infant will quiet the alarms and allow the baby to relax again. There is no more powerful evidence that human beings actively need the touch of other humans to be totally balanced and healthy. A sensual massage is a wonderful way for platonic partners to feel this trust and togetherness without actual sex. The gentle touch of another person in an intimate but nonsexual context is something far too many people miss out on during their daily lives.

Most genres of massage exist to prevent or fix a problem. Sensual massage exists as one facet of turning an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. You get other massages because you want to stop hurting. You get a sensual massage because it makes you happy.