There is an art to giving a sensual massage. The wonders of a sensual massage provide an experience that targets each of the body’s senses. In truth, a successful massage will include all of the 5 senses.


The sense of sight is very important. It generally instigates the mood is a subdued manner. It helps one focus on the massage and enhances the other senses. This is why low light is very significant. It creates a relaxing atmosphere. Try using candles, light dimmers or other devices that gives a calming effect. You can also drape the area with soft colorful fabrics.


The sense of smell is considered one of the strongest of the senses. Therefore, it is one of the most important when giving a sensual massage, at Bodyline Yarraville. To take advantage of the sense of smell, you can use essential oils, natural scented candles or fresh flowers to heighten the experience. There are also certain aromas that can create certain moods. For example, jasmine or rose can create harmony, chamomile relaxes and lavender uplifts the spirit.


The sense of sound is crucial. In order to relax during a sensual massage you need to have relaxing music. Relaxing music also mask distracting sounds such as traffic noise. The ideal sounds are ambient and calm. They encourage feelings of peacefulness and create a tranquil environment. Play music such as falling rain, nature sounds like running water, and sounds of the rain forest, soft blues or light symphonies. Other great sounds that set the mood are wind chimes, Tibetan tingsha (ting-shags) bells or meditation bowls that sing beautifully when you glide an instrument or finger along the rim.


Even the sense of taste is significant when it comes to a sensual massage. The sense of taste has a unique effect on our mind and body. In fact, certain tastes can awaken different moods and associations. For instance, apple pie can generate comforting thoughts of home and chamomile may make you feel calm. There are different ways of utilizing the sense of taste. You can serve relaxing warm tea, a cup of comforting cider, a soothing glass of wine or a refreshing cup of water. There are also edible essential oils that come in various natural flavors.


Your somatic sensory system is in charge of your sense of touch. It is what helps you feel something when something contacts your skin. As well, your sense of touch is constantly in communication with your brain. Therefore, the type of touch is vital to setting mood. You usually want to start with compression. It gets the blood flowing and warms the body. You can then use various massage techniques like friction, stroking, kneading or Shiatsu. Friction is an advanced technique generally used on the hands and feet. It is a focused stroke that uses stability and pressure. Stroking involves long gentle strokes that are exceptionally enjoyable. Kneading is a deep tissue massage that is ideal for fleshy areas and the buttocks. The motion is similar to kneading bread. Shiatsu applies pressure to specific points on the body to relieve tension and pain.