While everyone has fetishes there are many people who are not in tuned with themselves or their sexuality enough to know exactly what they are. Sometimes those innermost parts of the psyche need to be awakened. What if that feeling every time you see a woman in stiletto heels is more than just a passing fancy? The only way to ever experience total gratification is to know what your fetishes are and how to satisfy the cravings they project.

So what are the most common male fetishes?

The word fetish can cover a lot of areas, and some of them can seem dark to some. However, fetishes are normally healthy yet misunderstood sexual desires. Understand that since a fetish is actually a sexual urge that refuses to be completely ignored due to its overwhelming nature it must be met head on in a healthy way.

The person experiencing the fetish driven urges will have to embrace them as a part of their sexual being, and in not doing so it can affect relationships and mental or sexual health depending on how strong these urges are. If the fetish is one that is particularly dangerous like autoerotic asphyxiation to more dangerous levels then it may be time to seek the services of a clinical sexologist. While most fetishes are harmless, lest’s be honest, everything has a dark side.

Some men are very focused on certain body parts. It may be as simple as sleeping with a busty lady or go s far as nipple clamp, licking or biting. Many times an oil massage to the areas is enough, but every many will experience their fetish a little differently. Sometimes these fetishes start to evolve very slowly seemingly innocent and “normal” at first escalating all the while into something very unique to their own desires.This is what you want to seek out and tap into. It is not enough to barely scratch the surface.

Some guys have lingerie fetishes. While many men love to see a beautiful woman in lingerie, others love to wear it. Either one is a more normal fetish than the average bear can imagine it being. Some men opt in for total nudity any time they can get it while others enjoy the pleasures of the imagination and the excitement of removing the barrios lingerie provides.

Then you have the voyeuristic type and the exhibitionist. These are normal fetishes that arouse excitement, danger and a rush of adrenalin with hormones. It is risk taking meets raging hormonal pleasures that can be very addicting. These are people who like to do the do in public. While illegal it is very exciting to some men. This is because it is a fetish, and fetishes can be quite overwhelming.

BDSM is another very common fetish for a lot of men. You have to be in complete acceptance of what it is you like, and have a partner that is as well. This is something you work in to, and light spanking may be a good place to start.

Slave master relationships are not uncommon either. If you can find a willing mate then you can go on to live a very happy and sexually fulfilling life. If finding a partner is difficult then there are a lot of women out there that are down for the role play.

Back to those stilettos, did you know that foot fetishes are one of the most common fetishes to date? This could consist of everything from seing you in strappy sandals, rubbing your feet and sucking the toes to his gaining release and being pleasures by your feet rather than your hands. Most of all fetishes will start out in lighter stages and progress, and foot fetishes are no different.

Whether it is bondage, swapping or watching, reenacting porn, nasty pillow talk or role playing 98% of people have fetishes. Even in these openly sexually liberating times a lot of those people feel they have to be ashamed of these sexual needs that are consequently being ignored. Others feel they could never tell their partner, and then there are the ones who do not even know that these fetishes exist.

Wherever you are on this list, ignoring your fetishes wont make them go away. The only way to ever truly be satisfied is to embrace them while also understanding that they are ok.