While modern day erotic massages are not an active part of an adult’s sensual pleasure it has not always been that way. Today many couples engage in erotic massage as a form of stress relief or even to spice things up a bit in the bedroom. However, this is not something that just came about.

With that being said erotic massage used to be quite taboo. It was something done in secret even as far back as the 17th century. In that era though it as referred to as a genital massage. Either a midwife or a physician preformed it on women until they climaxed. It was a treatment method for female hysteria.

It became a mainstream treatment option for both the physicians and the women that they treated. Though they were rarely truly at risk, they needed frequent sessions. Sometimes the husbands even joined in the treatment sessions to reduce the time needed to reach orgasm.

Erotic massage did not get its real recognition until vibrators were introduced though. They were used in the treatments for female hysteria, and reduced the treatment times tremendously.

Hydrotherapy devices came onto the scene in the 19th century. This was another form of a vibrator, but they were being used throughout Europe and America in high profile bathing locations. This was introduces shortly after the French asylums started using the electromechanical vibrators in their therapy sessions.

The Nuru massage on the other hand originated in the late 50’s in Japan. This is quite similar to the body slide massages with happy endings given in today’s parlors. This came onto the scene after prostitution was outlawed.

In today’s erotic massages there are no sexual acts or vibrators and you won’t likely find a hydrotherapy device, but you can get a happy ending. This has become a great stress relief for males and couples alike, and it is a means to really add some spice in the bedroom afterwards.

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