The reason people get confused as they try to determine exactly where an adult massage lies on the massage spectrum is that there are three types of massage that the public generally lumps into the term “massage”. The following is a look at each of these massage styles and their purposes to make it clear where adult massage fits into the picture.


Though they may not know it by this name, anyone who has ever watched TV is familiar with this type of massage. It has been a TV sitcom favorite for decades.

Here’s how it plays out: Our unsuspecting protagonist is greeted at the entrance to the massage establishment by a svelte, attractive woman who leads him to the actual massage area. As he’s lying on his stomach, eyes closed in anticipation of the touch from the lovely creature who greeted him at the door, she is passing the baton to a muscle bound thug to actually perform the massage. We get a closeup of the protagonist’s face as his eyes fly open in agony to the accompaniment of bone cracking sound effects.

The best comparison for a deep tissue massage is that it is a chiropractic adjustment for the entire body. The long term goal is to use forceful manipulation of the body to pop joints, making them release built up fluids, and chase tension from muscles with powerful kneading and striking. Also like a chiropractic adjustment, the short term effect of a deep tissue massage is often days of pain as the body heals from the massage itself.


This genre of massage is the most common and is basically a happy medium between the other types. Using brisk kneading and the friction of hands sliding across skin, the general therapeutic massage has a single goal in mind – relaxation. Many massage practitioners take pride in the fact that their clients sometimes fall asleep during the massage, as this denotes complete relaxation.

The goal of the masseur during the massage itself is to use client feedback and the feel of the muscles themselves to find areas where the muscles have involuntarily tightened into a low level cramp. The most commonly cited reason for this is stress. Once these spots are located, the masseur kneads the muscle gently to stimulate blood flow within it and to allow it to relax.


The adult massage uses the lightest touch of the three general massage types. The primary purpose of an adult massage is titillation. The pleasure of the actual contact and the arousal caused by the teasing nature of that contact are the result of an adult massage. The term “adult massage” can describe anything from a type of foreplay between lovers to the type of massages sometimes given in high end spas. The term is less about the setting of the massage than its purpose. If the purpose of the massage is to cause pleasure, it is an adult massage, at Bodyline YarravilleMelbourne’s Finest Brothel .