More and more people each day are discovering what is a Nuru Massage is, and how it can benefit the body. The health benefits associated with this type of massage are well known in Japan, and other East Asian countries. For those who have never experienced a professional Nuru Massage, it is a body-to-body sensual massage performed traditionally in the nude. You are assured a satisfying sensual experience that your body will not soon forget.


The Nuru Massage is from Japan, originating from the Japanese root word “nuru nuru.” Nuru nuru, in the Japanese language, literally means “slippery.” It is also believed that the word originated in Japan from the popular seaweed found there called “Nori.” The Nori seaweed is well known throughout the world for its many beneficial properties. Among all the plants in the world, it contains some of the highest amounts of protein, comparable to spirulina and soybean.

Nori is also known for its ability to lower the risk of cancer, it is high in iron, iodine and calcium. Nori is the main ingredient in Nuru Massage Gel formulas; Nuru Massage Gel has an amazing effect on the skin because of the healing benefits of nori seaweed. The same seaweed is also popularly used in wrapping sushi.


Nuru Gel is slippery, thick in texture and has elastic properties. To apply it properly, it should be slowly massaged into the skin. A Nuru Massage does exactly that. Nuru Massage techniques are in demand. Why? Because this is a body-to-body sensual massage performed traditionally in the nude. Nuru Gel is applied by performing a body-slide technique by a trained practitioner, traditionally all women.

A traditional Japanese Nuru Massage is performed naked, using a special massage gel that is applied sensually by sliding one body against another. Traditionally, Nuru Massage therapists are female. Both participants will first take a luxurious bath or shower to cleanse the skin before applying the Nuru Gel. The massage recipient will then lie on a special mattress as the Nuru Massage practitioner ritualistically prepares the warm Nuru Massage Gel.

The Nuru Massage practitioner will then slowly apply the thick warm gel to her body, often seductively. Once encased in the slippery elastic warm massage gel, the masseuse will slowly apply the gel to the recipient before sliding on top of him. This slippery, sliding, body-to-body massage is effective in relieving stress, toning the skin and relieving tension. If you didn’t know what is a Nuru Massage, at Bodyline Yarraville, after you receive one you will never forget.