A rub and tug massage can also be thought of as a sensual or even an erotic massage. The only difference between these massages, is the techniques used, as well as in some cases the area concentrated on during the massage.

These kinds of massage techniques have been around for ages, and are also used in certain cases as treatment for medical conditions. The massage usually concentrates on a person’s genitals, with women it would be the breast in addition to the pubis area, whereas with men it would mainly be their genitals.

There are a number of reasons for men and woman to have these kinds of massages. It relieves stress, anxiety and could even aid in healing after an injury or operation. It has also been known to aid men with early ejaculation problems, as it can teach men how to relax the muscles found in the pelvis to aid sustained arousal.

There are a wide range of massage parlours that provides these services and most of them are also legal. The purpose of such a massage is to ultimately aid in the release, therefore allowing the client to have a true orgasmic experience. These experiences are what releases tension, and restores the body and mind to a calm relaxed state. With a rub and tug massage you will find the experience highly soothing besides it being gratifying.

Moreover the rub and tug massage is not the only solution, as there is a number of alternative massages, such as the tantric massage, which has also been found to be extremely beneficial to a person’s health. You can visit one of these parlours and release your entire bend up stress and anger. Some of these parlours can also offer you a couples massage, or if single, for men and women.

You will enter a calm environment that allows you to totally relax, your rub and tug massage will make your body feel like new. These massages are also excellent for circulation and rejuvenation. Soothing music may be playing in the background and the room temperature will not be cold or too hot, but perfect. The masseuse will either use natural oil or a lightly scented one; this will aid the flow in addition to making the sensation much deeper.

Varying strokes will also be used along with the amount of pressure applied. The area of focus will mainly be on the muscles that are most tensed to start off with, and will end in a sensual releasing of pleasure.

Thus if you feel stressed out, if you are battling to cope with your daily functions, or find yourself tired, a rub and tug massage could give you renewed energy and ease all those sore muscles. Get rid of your headaches, backache, anger plus any anxiety you may have.

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