The use of massage to induce orgasm is, basically, what makes the sensual, erotic and tantric massage alike. The relaxation following one of these types of body stimulating massages is alike to the release of tension felt by some couples following sexual intercourse. However, the sexually duplicating massage extends the feeling of arousal until the client feels satisfied which produces a relaxation of all the nerve endings and muscles in the client’s body.

At Bodyline Yarraville the sensual massage uses methods that helps the client to reach sexual excitement and orgasm or deep relaxation. The erotic massage includes manipulation of the client’s sexual body parts with the masseuse’s hands, his body and even using his mouth. The erotic massage is, basically, a sexually stimulating massage that copies the sexual act by partners who are sexually advanced in sexual techniques. The tantric massage does not copy the sexual act along with foreplay and other types of stimulation of sexual body parts rather it dramatizes the sexual act almost like a play by sexually proficient actors. The tantric massage is simply a massage of the client’s body. The tantric massage is a Hindu rite that, supposedly, helps the happy person to grow spiritually through indulging in pleasurable acts like a professional massage by a professional tantric trained masseuse.

The difference between sensual, erotic and tantric massage is found in the masseuse. The religious aspects of the tantric massage is sometimes compared to reaching heaven through orgasmic relief. That state of what is called a heightened perception of non-physical states is what the Hindu is seeking in indulging in the tantric massage. While all three types of massage use the human need for satisfaction following a touching relationship, the tantric massage has developed health improving methods that add to the Hindu existence. The tantric massage is different from the sexual and erotic massage because it does boast a health benefit.

Usually, men who indulge in the tantric massage are less prone to have heart disease and prostrate problems. Of course, the sexually patterned tantric massage has the reputation of the sensual and erotic massage which makes them, basically, similar in method and approach but different in psychology or intent.