When you think of Melbourne brothels and massage services, it’s highly likely that the first type of massage you think of is sexual in nature. However, at most Melbourne brothels, you’ll find that non-sexual massage services are widely available and actually quite popular. While you might be thinking to yourself “surely going to a brothel for a non-sexual massage is like watching porn for the complex and nuanced storyline”, but as it happens, there is some genuine value in the service. Let’s find out why for some of our clients, getting a non-sexual massage isn’t a complete waste of time and money.

A Safe Introduction to Melbourne Brothels

If you’ve never visited a brothel in Melbourne before and you just want to stay in the shallow end for the time being, then a non-sexual massage offers a safe and non-intimidating way to experience a brothel environment for the first time. Here at Bodyline, we always aim to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere; a sanctuary of sorts where you can leave your troubles at the door, feel completely comfortable, and experience total relaxation. But everyone’s comfort level varies, which is why we aim to offer a vast spectrum of services; non-sexual massage included.

A Non-Threatening Pathway to Physical Connection

There are many people who, for whatever reason, recoil at the thought of being touched and shudder at the prospect of physical intimacy. A non-sexual massage at a Melbourne brothel like Bodyline helps people find a way towards enjoying physical contact with another person without the pressure that comes with contact of a more sexual nature. Once they’ve become more comfortable with non-sexual physical contact, they might become more inclined to take it to the next level.

Go At Your Own Pace

At the end of the day, the most important point to consider is that when you visit established Melbourne brothels like Bodyline, you can absorb the experience at your own pace. You can start off with a non-sexual massage, and then test your boundaries when you begin to feel more comfortable – that’s what we’re here for!