When people discover that we offer non-sexual massage services at our licensed brothel, they might understandably show a bit of confusion. On the surface it would seem like going to a brothel for a non-sexual massage would be like going to a live music gig purely to watch customers at the merchandise stand instead. However, a non-sexual massage at a brothel does have legitimate value, which is why we offer it here at Bodyline.

An Easy Way for First Timers to Dip their Toe in the Water

For people who have never visited a brothel before, the idea can be a bit intimidating because they don’t know what to expect. At Bodyline, we always strive to create an environment that remains warm, friendly and inviting for anyone, whether they’re a first timer or a regular client. If a first timer doesn’t necessarily want to dive in head first into the brothel experience, a non-sexual massage is an effective way to test the waters. It gives new visitors an opportunity to dip their toe in the shallow end, and from there they can decide whether they’re comfortable where they are, whether they’re prepared to swim out a little further, or if it’s time to dive straight into the deep end.

A Starting Point for People who Struggle with Physical Intimacy

Some clients come to us because they struggle with the idea of engaging in physical intimacy with someone out in the ‘real world’. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical intimacy of a strictly sexual nature either; just a rubbing of the shoulders or a hand on the leg can make some people feel uncomfortable. A non-sexual massage can be an effective way for people who do have trouble being touched to slowly get used to the idea without the pressure of sex or sexual activity getting in the way. Our trusted and friendly masseuses will provide you with a relaxing massage that will hopefully leave you feeling more comfortable with the idea of being touched.

For those who do want the happy ending with their massage, rest assured that service remains available as well. You don’t need an appointment to visit Bodyline – we look forward to seeing you soon!